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In the distal urethra lies the. The spongy urethra can be subdivided into fossa navicularis, pendulous urethra, The urethral meatus is slightly ventral to the tip of the penis. Finally, the penile urethra is enclosed by the corpus spongiosum and lined with.

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Fossa navicularis and pendulous urethral strictures differ from bulbar . into the glans penis or corpora cavernosa can cause significant hemorrhage and . Again due to the same reason as for fossa navicularis stricture, penile skin flaps are.
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The spongy urethra is the longest part of the male urethra, and is contained in the corpus spongiosum of the penis. is dilated behind, within the bulb, and again anteriorly within the glans penis, where it forms the fossa navicularis urethrae.
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Penile urethral stones are a rare occurrence resulting from a number of urethral diverticulum, and very rarely primary fossa navicularis calculi. to pass urine and a painful, foul-smelling, and swollen penis for 3 days.
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Resurfacing of Fossa Navicularis – Transverse Ventral Penile Skin Island – Stricture Associated with Early Balanitis Xerotica​.
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Navicular fossa of spongiose part of urethra - Ontology Browser - Rat Genome penile bulb artery. penile spine. penis +. penis epithelium +. perichordal ring.

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