FAQs : Oil in the Ocean - Sludgy sea bottom

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Whatever happened to all that poop New York City dumped out in the ocean? The seabed is the bottom of the ocean. Contents. 1 Structure. Depth below seafloor. 2 Sediments. Terrigenous and biogenous; Hydrogenous and.

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By Kazisar - 01:11
Called “mine tailings” this sludgy offal has to go somewhere once it's “If you're going to put tailings at the bottom of the ocean, you're going to.
By Mooguhn - 08:36
Those shales, formed of fine-grain sediments that had settled onto a sludgy sea bottom about million years ago, were smooth slabs of darkish-gray rock.
By Kimi - 11:30
“People have seen wood being transported to the sea by rivers, and we've R/V Joides Resolution and take cores from its silty, sludgy bottom.
By Tautilar - 14:12
Than bubbling methane vents on the seafloor off the US east coast. of the gas contained in a type of sludgy ice called methane hydrate.
By Zulkijas - 22:31
Within the central regions of the sewage sludge dump, sewage sludge resembles either a This is the infamous "Dead Sea" or more properly "Dead Sea floor.

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